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Certified Tree Trimming in West Palm Beach, Florida


Leave It to the Arborists

When you hear the words “tree trimming,” what comes to mind? Most people probably think of clipping tree branches. This isn’t wrong, but did you know that tree trimming is also a science? Helping trees achieve maximum health requires an in-depth understanding of tree biology and the ability to skillfully eliminate defects without killing the tree or causing irreversible damage—work that needs experienced professionals.

Why Tree Trimming?

If you don’t see the benefits in tree trimming, consider this: periodic tree pruning will increase the strength of your trees to defend themselves against harsh weather, pests and disease. A professional trimming will eliminate the risk of your children hurting themselves playing on weak tree limbs, extend the tree’s life span and increase the appeal of your landscaping.

When You Should Call Us

Are you seeing the signs your trees are exhibiting that indicate they need pruning? First and foremost, if your tree is close to or touching power lines, call us immediately as this poses a pressing safety threat. If your trees are close to or touching your home or business, they may be causing damage you can’t see. Dead or hanging branches are another indication that your trees need pruning.
A general rule of thumb is that if your trees have gone over three years without being trimmed, you should give us a call. We can give them a thorough trimming and shape them any way you’d like to increase your curb appeal as well.

Put Your Trees in Capable Hands

To foster a professional appearance, you want your well-manicured trees to reflect the competence of your business. For those long summer days, your trees should be there to provide shade for your family and a place for the children to climb. When you choose Joe Hanley’s Tree Trimming, both your residential and commercial trees will get the very best tree trimming service out there so they serve their purpose, stay beautiful and last as long as possible.

Call the Complete Tree Service

For a company that does it all, get in touch with Joe Hanley’s Tree Trimming. We’ll make sure your trees endure for years to come while adding beauty to your yard.