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Certified Tree Trimming in West Palm Beach, Florida

When Disaster Strikes

Although our ultimate goal is to promote healthy, beautiful trees, we understand that life happens. Sometimes, extraneous conditions beyond your control—such as uncooperative weather—pose threats to your delicate vegetation. Florida especially is known for its aggressive weather and frequent hurricanes.
This is no problem for Joe Hanley’s Tree Trimming, which serves to eliminate hazardous and dead trees for your safety. Allow us to quickly remove any infested, fallen or dead trees.

Safety First

Tree removal is one of the most dangerous jobs of an arborist. We frequently tackle tree removal in sensitive areas such as confined spaces and near utility lines. We are trained to perform this work safely and efficiently. Our skilled arborists are very careful not to cause collateral damage or disturb surrounding plant life.

Qualified for the Job

With advances in technology and available resources, many have adopted a do it yourself (DIY) attitude. Some strive to complete all home improvement projects without hiring professionals to save money. Tree removal, however, should never be one of those projects.
Doing it yourself could risk your personal health and the well-being of your property. Saving a little in the short term isn’t worth the risks of taking a specialized job into your own untrained hands. You may even end up accumulating more costs for mistakes or neglect than you would have to let us do it.

Our Certifications

We are specially qualified and trained for the work we perform. We are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. We are also members of the Tree Care Industry Association, which advances training for arborists and spreads awareness of correct practices to the general public.

Remove or Spare the Tree?

Are you are wrestling with the question of whether or not to remove a tree from your property? There are a number of variables to consider. If the tree possesses aesthetic value or has practical use (it shades your living room from the noonday sun, increases property value or serves as a home to birds or other wildlife) it might be worth preserving. If the tree is dead and preventing your space from being used more effectively, you might consider having it removed.
Consult  with a specialist to determine whether your tree should go. We’re happy to give you our unbiased, professional opinion and perform the removal with minimal disturbance to the rest of your property.